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Wills & Estates

Last Will & Testament

We help you make your final wishes known to your family and loved ones. It's important to have your wishes in writing with the necessary legal terms to ensure that they are carried out just how you want them to be. Drafting and executing a Will requires assistance from experienced attorney.

Estate Planning

During our initial meeting and evaluation of your needs, it might become clear that some type of Trust might be more beneficial and the better vehicle to have your final wishes fulfilled. We can discuss the reasons why and help guide you in making the decision on the right plan of action to meet your needs.

Other Planning Needs

Other Estate services include drafting:

  • Living Will which is a document that informs your loved ones and medical providers of your end of life decisions for your final moments.
  • Power of Attorney which is a document that gives a person (agent) named by you the ability to, in part, make certain decisions, transactions, and conduct business on your behalf.


We can handle a succession of a loved one's estate.

Succession is the term used in Louisiana for the process that is referred to as probate in other states. A succession is the transmission of the estate of the deceased to his successors.

The successors thus have the right to take possession of the estate of the deceased after complying with applicable provisions of law. A succession is either Testate (with a Will) or Intestate (without a Will).

Sometimes there are questions about a Will's authenticity or the terms of the Will. We can help in these areas as well. Contact us for a free evaluation.

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